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The Revenge of the Witch Science Fair Project

Today we are going to work in teams to present our scientific witch findings.

  • Decorate our Science Fair Display Board with The Revenge of the Witch themes.
  • Create a printable PowerPoint/Keynote slideshow with our research…
  1. Purpose & Background:  History tells us that in the Middle Ages, villagers would tie a rope around an accused witch and throw her into water.  If she was innocent, she would sink to the bottom and they would pull her out.  If she were guilty, she would float to the surface and await a worse fate.  If you were accused of Medieval witchcraft, would you rather be throw into fresh or salt water?
  2. Testable Question: How does salt concentration affect buoyancy?
  3. Hypothesis:  An egg will float in fresh water.
  4. Materials:  3 Eggs, 3 Glass Cups, 1500ml Water, 100ml Salt, Permanent Marker, Spoon
  5. Procedure:  Fill one cup with 500 ml of Water. Fill a second cup with 500 ml of Water plus 15 ml of Salt. Fill a third cup with 500 ml of water plus 75 ml of Salt.  Use a spoon to stir each cup.  Place an egg with a witch drawn on it in each cup.  Observe the results.
  6. Results:  The egg sunk in the fresh and brackish water, but floated in the salty water. (See Pictures)
  7. Conclusion:  If you wanted to be found innocent of witchcraft in Medieval Europe, you should request to be thrown into fresh water.

IMG_8184 IMG_8185


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Soul Surfer Arcade Games

Use Class Tools Arcade Game Maker to quiz your friends!  Write your questions on this Google Doc first.

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An Unexpected Party on 12/21: No Get Ready, No Macs, Just for Fun

It’s the last day of book club before the winter recess!  Joining us for our hobbit-style breakfast will be Jazz Band and Marimba.  As per your research and requests, here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Scones with Butter and Raspberry Jam
  • Seed Cakes
  • Apple Tart
  • Pork Pie
  •  Ham
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Fruit Salad
  • Pickles
  • Iced Tea, Ginger Ale, and Root Beer

Have a wonderful vacation and see you next year for Soul Surfer & Revenge of the Whale!

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Get Ready for 12/14: Unexpected Party Planning (Bring your copy of “The Hobbit” & Mac!)

In honor of Bilbo’s Unexpected Party we’ll be hosting some not-so-unexpected guests.  Marimba, Jazz Band, and Book Club are teaming up to host our end of the calendar year party on Friday, December 21st.  What’s on the menu?  Read The Hobbit to find out!  Your “Get Ready” is to…

  1. Review The Hobbit (especially Chapter 1: “An Unexpected Party”).  Figure out what student-friendly dishes hobbits, dwarves, and wizards ate in Middle Earth.  Write your answer in the form of a comment on this post.
  2. Are you going to see The Hobbit on Saturday at 6:45 with the Westhampton Library?  Let Ms. A. know!
  3. Pick up your copy of Soul Surfer and Revenge of the Whale.



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What do you think of the owl pellets?

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Get Ready for 11/16: Owl Pellets

Yuck!  Gross!  Yet, so cool!

In honor of Hoot‘s endangered burrowing owls, we’ll be dissecting owl pellets during Book Club on 11/16 & 11/30.  Here’s the plan…

  1. Get supplies from the supply table:  Owl pellet, paper plate, toothpick, bone chart, glue, marker, and plastic bag.
  2. Write your name on the plate, chart, and bag.
  3. Gently remove the bones from the pellet with a toothpick or your fingers.
  4. Match the bones to your skeleton chart and glue them down.
  5. At the end of the class, store your supplies in your labeled bag.

Keep your Macs fur-free; keep them in the hallway 🙂

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Mother Paula’s All American Pancake House New Eco-Friendly Menu: 11/9

Welcome to the grand opening of Mother Paula’s on Friday, November 9th!

By the end of school on Thursday, 11/8, you can help us design our new menu with local, seasonal ingredients.  Here’s how…

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your Google Docs Account
  3. Edit

During Friday’s meeting, you’ll be working in groups to prepare the menu.  Then we dine; make sure you come to book club hungry!  No Macs needed.


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