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Revenge of the Whale or DIY Nonfiction

Today is our official first day for nonfiction.  Whether you are reading “Revenge of the Whale” or chose your own book, do a little background research about your subject.  Below are some recommended links about whaling.  Let me know if you need research assistance if you chose another topic.


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Soul Surfer Biography Book Review

  • What contribution did this person make to his/her time period? Why is this person important?
  • Define the word challenges.
  • Many important people had to overcome challenges in their lives.  What were some of the challenges this person had to overcome?  Did he/she overcome them? Explain.
  • Is there any aspect of this person’s life, or this person’s beliefs or viewpoints or way of doing things, that can help you with your own life?  Explain.  (Think about the character standards or the Pyramid of Success.)

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Soul Surfer Book Review Discussion Part 1

While writing your review, you may want to ponder the following:

  1. How old was Bethany at the time of her attack?
  2. How does Bethany say her family influenced her competitive spirit? Religious views?  Educational choices?
  3. What factors contributed to Bethany’s survival?
  4. When does Bethany decide to go back to surfing?  When does she actually return to surfing for the first time?




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Get Ready for 1/11: Soul Surfing Games & Movie Night at Westhampton

While reading “Soul Surfer,” what themes did you notice?  What messages is Bethany trying to share with her audience?  Post about it!

One theme I noticed and liked is that of helping each other.  For example, after the devastating tsunami in Thailand, she is right there trying to help out.  After her encounter with the shark, she turns that tragedy around into a way to reach out to other people.  Browse around her website,, and you’ll see other examples of her working to help numerous causes.

How about you?  How can you help?  Are you part of our school’s EarlyAct club?  Do you volunteer anywhere?  Did you know even your choices of where you shop and which Internet games  you play can make a difference?  Try out the games Free Rice or Answer 4 Earth and for every correct answer, a donation is made towards the cause.

Happy posting, playing, and I’ll see you tonight for the movie!

Westhampton Free Library
6:30 p.m.
Call ahead to make sure there is enough pizza! 288-3335×5
Reminder:  This is sponsored by the Westhampton Free Library and is not a school event.  It is completely optional.

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Get Ready for 1/4: Soul Surfer Symbols

Symbols abound in Soul Surfer, starting immediately with the title:  Why do you think Bethany Hamilton’s journey was entitled Soul Surfer?  What does that symbolize?  Talk about it with your classmates and leave a comment with your ideas!

Feeling artistic?  The world of professional surfing is funded through product endorsements from companies such as Rip Curl and Quick Silver.  They all have their unique and recognizable branding symbols.  Your challenge:  Create your own brand’s symbol.  Think about what your icon can symbolize about you.  Then make it happen.  Want to work on your Mac?  You can create a drawing in your Google Drive account and then share it with Ms. Andria to post up on our blog.  Prefer working with print?  Use the library’s art supplies and doodle away.  We can scan your illustration if you want to post it on the blog.



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Get Ready for 12/14: Unexpected Party Planning (Bring your copy of “The Hobbit” & Mac!)

In honor of Bilbo’s Unexpected Party we’ll be hosting some not-so-unexpected guests.  Marimba, Jazz Band, and Book Club are teaming up to host our end of the calendar year party on Friday, December 21st.  What’s on the menu?  Read The Hobbit to find out!  Your “Get Ready” is to…

  1. Review The Hobbit (especially Chapter 1: “An Unexpected Party”).  Figure out what student-friendly dishes hobbits, dwarves, and wizards ate in Middle Earth.  Write your answer in the form of a comment on this post.
  2. Are you going to see The Hobbit on Saturday at 6:45 with the Westhampton Library?  Let Ms. A. know!
  3. Pick up your copy of Soul Surfer and Revenge of the Whale.



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Get Ready for 11/30: Vote for January & February Books

Don’t see the survey? Try this link:

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