Book Club Philosophy

Book Club is student-driven.  Our members vote on what the group reads, the movie versions we see, and our book-based projects.

Read the Book:   Since we only meet once a week, Book Club members are asked to read the book or listen to an audio version on their own time.  You will be responsible for obtaining your own copy.  You can borrow one for free by calling our local Westhampton Free Library at 631-288-3335 ext. 6 and asking to place a hold.

See the Movie:  We have been successfully partnering with the Westhampton Free Library to screen the movie versions during their “Middle School Book Club” after school and on weekends or we stay after school in the Library Media Center.  For new releases, sometimes we go to a theater as non-school sponsored event, where parents are responsible for all transportation, supervision, ticket purchases, etc.  This is completely optional and voluntary.

Book-Based Projects:  During our Friday morning meetings, we “bring the books alive” by engaging in hands-on activities based on the books we are reading.  While we are thus engaged, we chat about what we’ve read based on our Book Discussion Guidelines.