Real Monsters & Ransom Riggs Photos in Google Drive

Morning Book Chat

Hopefully everyone has obtained a copy of “Miss Peregrine” and are following along the suggested reading timeline.  If you are, you’ll have already come across my favorite part of the book right in the prologue!  As a librarian who LOVES folklore (remember Stone Soup???), the following quote explains (to me) why our traditional folk stories have endured through generations…

“Grandpa had told him some of the same stories when he was a kid, and they weren’t lies, exactly, but exaggerated versions of the truth.” p.17

In “Miss Peregrine,” the main character rationalizes Grandpa’s unbelievable stories by making them a symbol for the real horrors in the world.  The “monsters” were the Nazi soldiers, their “peculiarity” was being Jewish during WWII, and their “miraculous powers” were that these orphans escaped the ghettos and gas chambers.

Let’s apply this idea to “Little Red Riding Hood.”  What do you think the wolf symbolizes?  What do you think the original storytellers were trying to warn audiences about?  Are there “real” wolves in the world?

Can you think of other examples in folklore?

Hands-On Activity:  Ransom Riggs-inspired Photos Now in Google Drive Folder

Check out last week’s “rule of thirds” photographs in the Google Drive folder.  Please use the techniques in Click It Up a Notch to take and upload this week’s compositions into the “limb chop” folder.


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