Miss Peregrine’s Hands-On Project… Photography!

The author of Miss Peregrine, Ransom Riggs, was inspired by the flea market photographs he collects.  See his collection at http://www.ransomriggs.com/photos.php.

What makes a good photograph anyway?

Day 1:  Photography Basics

The Click it Up a Notch blog offers some “rules” of photography…

– Rule of thirds
– Limb chops
– Leading lines
– Fill the frame
– Negative Space
– Catchlights
– Backlighting
– Low light
– Window light

Let’s use our Macs and what we have in the library, from puppets and books to dark corners and bright windows, to create compositions applying these rules.  Using these guidelines, you’ll see an improvement in the pictures you take.

Next time… Special effects


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