Suggested Reading Timeline for “Miss Peregrine”

This is a suggested timeline for reading our first book and the one that I’ll be following.  Since this is a extracurricular club, you are not required to follow this timeline, however, I do recommend you keep up because those are the chapters we will be chatting about as we work on our hands-on projects.  As always, please come see me if you have any questions or concerns and let’s talk about it!

  • October 7-14th:  Book Club Planning; Get your copy of “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” I know this has been a difficult title to get a hold of due to the surge in movie-based popularity. Come see me if you still can’t find one.
  • 10/21:  Book-based Activity (Recommended Supplemental Reading:
    • Start Browsing/Reading!
  • 10/28: Book-based Activity
    • Read Chapters 1, 2
  • 11/4: Book-based Activity
    • Read Chapters 3, 4
  • 11/11:  School Closed for Veteran’s Day… No Book Club
    • Read Chapter 5
  • 11/18: Book-based Activity
    • Read Chapters 6, 7
  • 11/25:  School Closed for Thanksgiving Recess… No Book Club
    • Read Chapter 8
  • 12/2:  Parent-Teacher Conference Day… No Book Club
    • Read Chapter 9
  • 12/9:  Book Discussion Breakfast… Come hungry and ready to chat about what you loved, hated, and was just meh.  Remember to think in terms of our Book Discussion Guidelines.
    • Finish Chapters 10, 11, & Supplemental Interview (If it’s in your edition or, if not, you can read Ransom Riggs’s About Me and Photographs pages on his website.).
  • 12/16:  Vote on next book



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