Remsenburg-Speonk’s Virtual Whaling Museum

Last week, we decided on our museum exhibits.  For the remainder of our time with “Revenge of the Whale,” we are going to create our physical and virtual museum.  Here’s how…

  1. Open our Remsenburg-Speonk Virtual Whaling Museum Google Slideshow by clicking on this link:  Note:  You must be logged into your rsufsd account to access this file.
  2. Research using our school’s Virtual Reference Collection and our Book Club Research Links.  Add your findings into the slideshow. Help each other!
  3. Create your 3D model using paper mache, clay, and/or the 3D printer.
  4. Determine the Scale (Actual Size in inches / Model Size in inches = 1/xth Scale).
  5. Add your scale and photo of your 3D model into our online museum for the world to see!



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