Welcome to Book Club 2015-2016!

For the first day we will discuss how we would like to run book club and vote on our first book from the “Book to Movie Lists.”  If you want to see a movie preview, try Internet Movie Database, but be aware that this is an external site and while we hope our school’s filter keeps us safe, let Ms. Andria know if there are any problems so we can fix it.

Ms. Andria’s Book to Movie List 

Miss Scherback’s Pairs of Books and Movies

A few important notes…

  1. Once we choose the book, it is YOUR responsibility to get the book. Due to a change in loan policies at the Suffolk County Libraries, sadly, I can no longer provide books for our members. I suggest that you or your parents call the Westhampton Free Library at 288-3335×4 so they can Interlibrary Loan the books for you.
  2. All of our books choices must be professionally reviewed as appropriate for 6th grade students. However, often times these “Young Adult” books are turned into movies that are rated PG-13 instead of PG. Please remember all movies are optional and at the discretion of parents’ comfort levels.  If parents would like a copy of the book you are reading to help make an informed decision, please ask the public library to order two!
  3. If you have any questions about Book Club, please ask Ms. Andria at school, email at andria@rsufsd.org, or call 325-0203×128.

Happy Reading!


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  1. Mrs. Cirone

    Looking forward to hearing more about your book club adventures and digging into this recommended read! 🙂 Mrs. Cirone