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Try Your Own Silent Movie or Animation!

We have four Book Club meetings to try our hands at making our own silent movie or animation like we read about in The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  Here is some inspiration…

DIY Animation:  Get out the art supplies and try a flip book, thaumatrope, or phenakistoscope like in Disney’s History of Animation.

DIY Stop Motion Animation:  Get out your Mac and think back to your 3rd Grade claymation movies.  Give it a retro look with Grayscale or Sepia.

DIY Silent Movie:  Try to make something (or someone) disappear like in Georges Melies Vanishing Lady.  Check out this crazy youtube tutorial (Yes, I know it’s for Windows, but I’m confident that you’ll figure it out!).  Remember to make it look Hugo-ish!


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The Invention of Hugo Cabret Suggested Timeline

Historical fiction book reports are due Tuesday, December 16th.  Book Club is here to help you budget your time wisely in order to meet that deadline.  Please be a contributing Book Club member by keeping up with our schedule or even reading ahead.

  • 10/31:  Part 1, Chapters 1-4
  • 11/7:  Part 1, Chapters 5-8
  • 11/14:  Part 1, Chapters 9-12
  • 11/21:  Part 2, Chapters 1-3
  • 11/28: School Closed… Keep reading! Part 2, Chapters 4-5
  • 12/5:  School Closed… Keep reading! Part 2, Chapters 6-8
  • 12/12:  Part 2, Chapters 9-End; Bring Macs and book report assignments to Book Club
  • Saturday, 12/13 from 6pm-8pm:  Westhampton Free Library is sponsoring a Hugo Movie Night after hours at the library.  Pizza, snacks, and drinks will be served. This is an optional activity and not a school event.  Parents are responsible for transportation.
  • 12/19:  Introduction to The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch

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Hugo’s History of Film

Our next book club meeting explores the true history hidden inside The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The Arrival of a Train al La Ciotat… Filmed in 1895, this is one of the first ever recorded silent films!

Georges Melies really existed and this is one of his famous films: The Vanishing Lady

Famous Actors & movies from the Silent Era mentioned in Hugo

By the 1930s, synchronized sound (otherwise know as talking pictures or “talkies”) became popular, such as Walt Disney’s 1931 A Clock Store, which was mentioned in Hugo.  Fun fact… Our local Vail-Leavitt Theater in Riverhead was where Thomas Edison experimented with the first talkies.

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

While we wait for everyone’s books to arrive, we have some more planning to do. What kinds of hands-on activities would you like to do during our weekly meetings?  For ideas, let’s research Hugo’s historical time period and early history of silent films.

Coming soon… Once all books (and audio CDs) arrive, we will set up a Hugo reading schedule to ensure we are all on “the same page.”  Revenge of the Witch books will arrive in December.

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