Soul Surfer Book Review Discussion Part 1

While writing your review, you may want to ponder the following:

  1. How old was Bethany at the time of her attack?
  2. How does Bethany say her family influenced her competitive spirit? Religious views?  Educational choices?
  3. What factors contributed to Bethany’s survival?
  4. When does Bethany decide to go back to surfing?  When does she actually return to surfing for the first time?





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5 responses to “Soul Surfer Book Review Discussion Part 1

  1. BJBLC

    Bethany was 13 years old when the tiger shark attacked her.

  2. wonk

    Bethany was 13 years old when she got attacked

  3. cthulhu672

    i think that Bethany is very brave too get back on the bord

  4. BJBLC

    There is something unique about Bethany. She is home-schooled and she is Christian. She has a family that prays and goes to church. They are very religious.

  5. BJBLC

    There were factors contributed to Bethany’s survival. One of them are Jeff Waba running on the beach that time and day. He was a advantage for Bethany. He is a paramedic. Holt asked if he could help and he did. HE was very kind to help.