Get Ready for 1/4: Soul Surfer Symbols

Symbols abound in Soul Surfer, starting immediately with the title:  Why do you think Bethany Hamilton’s journey was entitled Soul Surfer?  What does that symbolize?  Talk about it with your classmates and leave a comment with your ideas!

Feeling artistic?  The world of professional surfing is funded through product endorsements from companies such as Rip Curl and Quick Silver.  They all have their unique and recognizable branding symbols.  Your challenge:  Create your own brand’s symbol.  Think about what your icon can symbolize about you.  Then make it happen.  Want to work on your Mac?  You can create a drawing in your Google Drive account and then share it with Ms. Andria to post up on our blog.  Prefer working with print?  Use the library’s art supplies and doodle away.  We can scan your illustration if you want to post it on the blog.




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26 responses to “Get Ready for 1/4: Soul Surfer Symbols

  1. Anonymous

    I know! She’s entitled Soul Surfer Because a person who surfs just for fun is called a Soul Surfer.

  2. Butterflies!

    I think we should put giant paintings of waves and tape them on the bookshelf and hang up rip curl signs. We should have a tropical breakfast because they live in Hawaii.

  3. Stuffed animals

    yah were making symbols

  4. Hooting owl

    Her journey probably was called soul surfer because she kept on surfing even though she was attacked.

  5. Stuffed animals

    i think we should disgn a surf board with our names on them

  6. Stuffed animals

    we could do sharks in the water

  7. Hooting owl

    Maybe we could make surfboards (maybe with surfers) and have a surfing competition with them!

  8. :3 cat face

    maybe we could make a person who is also disabled and a pro surfer

  9. X

    Bethanys journey is called soul surfer because when she was attacked, she used her soul to get back on the board.

  10. Stuffed animals

    Surf boards!!!! im all in

  11. Stuffed animals

    play the song shark in the water

  12. for the water we can use blue jello

  13. :3 cat face

    or the jaws theme song

  14. Stuffed Animals

    or we can have blue jello

  15. Stuffed Animals

    we can have red dye for blood

  16. Stuffed Animals

    Hey we can make it look like tieland

  17. Stuffed Animals

    let sing songs

  18. Foxy Fox!!!

    we could have a mini circus!! we could have little games!!!!!! such as decorating a little basket as a shark and then we could play like toss. the ball could be something like a ping-pong ball!!!! while we wear HULLA SKIRTS!! (including boys!!)

  19. Stuffed Animals

    good idea

  20. :3 cat face


  21. Foxy Fox!!!

    or we could play a game like catch the shark!!!! or a game like tag. but the tagger is the shark and we have to roll around on scoooters like their surf boards!!

  22. :3 cat face


  23. Stuffed Animals

    What is mako

  24. :3 cat face


  25. singing sensation

    i like stuffed animals idea! 🙂 we should have surfboards with our names on them