Get Ready for 12/14: Unexpected Party Planning (Bring your copy of “The Hobbit” & Mac!)

In honor of Bilbo’s Unexpected Party we’ll be hosting some not-so-unexpected guests.  Marimba, Jazz Band, and Book Club are teaming up to host our end of the calendar year party on Friday, December 21st.  What’s on the menu?  Read The Hobbit to find out!  Your “Get Ready” is to…

  1. Review The Hobbit (especially Chapter 1: “An Unexpected Party”).  Figure out what student-friendly dishes hobbits, dwarves, and wizards ate in Middle Earth.  Write your answer in the form of a comment on this post.
  2. Are you going to see The Hobbit on Saturday at 6:45 with the Westhampton Library?  Let Ms. A. know!
  3. Pick up your copy of Soul Surfer and Revenge of the Whale.




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52 responses to “Get Ready for 12/14: Unexpected Party Planning (Bring your copy of “The Hobbit” & Mac!)

  1. rsufsd

    Here’s a nice website that summarizes what to expect at an unexpected party:

  2. i have an idea that we can hang up a bunch of trees like a forest and have a winter “canadian” breakfast

  3. rsufsd

    Remember…. the ideas need to be based on the book! Review chapter one for details.

  4. Soccer Girl 13

    pork pie?

  5. Soccer Girl 13

    lets eat ham at the breakfast

  6. Soccer Girl 13

    what about omellets

  7. Anonymous

    on the link it mentions coffee,cakes,butter scones,raspberry jam,apple tart,and a few eggs. Any of those sound good.

  8. N@rwhal!

    High-Tea And Low-Tea!!!!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous

    i dont like hot tea, and i only like iced coffee!

  10. apple tart, eggs, coffee, tea, rasberry jam, cheese – Yummy 🙂

  11. $w@gy Fishyyyy

    no apples

  12. HOT TEA!!!

  13. N@rwhal!

    Traditional Pork Pie Recipe

  14. Soccer Girl 13

    Bannana Muffins Yummy 🙂

  15. use the allergy apple spray $wagy Fishyyyy

  16. banana muffins, NICE!!!

  17. Kats r Kool

    No nuts apple tarts!!!!!!!

  18. Soccer Girl 13

    i love bannana muffins! 🙂

  19. Soccer Girl 13

    lets have ham omeletts yummy 🙂

  20. Kats r Kool

    that sounds yummy

  21. N@rwhal!

    Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Recipe

  22. no nuts, APPLE TARTS!!!

  23. N@rwhal!

    Seed Cake Recipe

  24. Anonymous

    I will eat a plain omelet

  25. N@rwhal!

    Buttered Scone Recipe

  26. Anonymous


  27. N@rwhal!

    Raspberry Jam Recipe

  28. Soccer Girl 13

    seed cake that sounds weird

  29. Soccer Girl 13

    oh raspberry cake yummy! 🙂

  30. N@rwhal!

    APPLE TART: | Apple Tart Recipe
    – it looks good

  31. Gastroenterologist0358

    Pork pie is gross

  32. N@rwhal!

    Porter Cake Recipe | Treacle Cake | Stout-Hearted Cake Recipe | Westmorland Pepper Cake

  33. Gastroenterologist0358

    Does anybody agree that pork pie sounds gross

  34. Butterflies!

    i say we have a buffet of omelets with ham or without it,butter scones,raspberry jam,NO APPLE TARTS,maybe porkpie,and a seed cake

  35. air ballon 108

    Dont do cinnomin challeng

  36. N@rwhal!

    Roast Chicken Recipe

  37. N@rwhal!

    Queen Cakes Recipe | Cherry Turnovers | Griddle Cakes | Lemon Cake Recipe

  38. Hooting owl

    We can have cakes, ginger ale,raspberry jam, apple tart, mince pies, cheese, pork pie and salad.

  39. N@rwhal!

    Seeded Bread Recipe | Manchet Bread Recipe | Maslin Bread Recipe | Bara Brith

  40. Soccer Girl 13

    lemon cake yummy

  41. N@rwhal!

    Mince Pie Recipe 1 | Mince Pie Recipe 2

  42. Hooting owl

    Also we can have eggs, chicken, and pickles.

  43. Soccer Girl 13

    raspberry tarts yummy

  44. sushi cat 2


  45. N@rwhal!

    Plum Heavies | Jeannie Maitland Cakes | Excellent Small Cakes

  46. singing sensation

    this sounds really cool! 🙂