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An Unexpected Party on 12/21: No Get Ready, No Macs, Just for Fun

It’s the last day of book club before the winter recess!  Joining us for our hobbit-style breakfast will be Jazz Band and Marimba.  As per your research and requests, here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Scones with Butter and Raspberry Jam
  • Seed Cakes
  • Apple Tart
  • Pork Pie
  •  Ham
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Fruit Salad
  • Pickles
  • Iced Tea, Ginger Ale, and Root Beer

Have a wonderful vacation and see you next year for Soul Surfer & Revenge of the Whale!


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The Hobbit Movie with the Westhampton Free Library Middle School Book Club: Saturday, 12/15 @ 6:45pm Island16 Cinemas

Call the Westhampton Free Library 288-3335×5 to register for FREE movie tickets!


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Get Ready for 12/14: Unexpected Party Planning (Bring your copy of “The Hobbit” & Mac!)

In honor of Bilbo’s Unexpected Party we’ll be hosting some not-so-unexpected guests.  Marimba, Jazz Band, and Book Club are teaming up to host our end of the calendar year party on Friday, December 21st.  What’s on the menu?  Read The Hobbit to find out!  Your “Get Ready” is to…

  1. Review The Hobbit (especially Chapter 1: “An Unexpected Party”).  Figure out what student-friendly dishes hobbits, dwarves, and wizards ate in Middle Earth.  Write your answer in the form of a comment on this post.
  2. Are you going to see The Hobbit on Saturday at 6:45 with the Westhampton Library?  Let Ms. A. know!
  3. Pick up your copy of Soul Surfer and Revenge of the Whale.



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January and February Books

Thank you to everyone that voted for our next books.  Here are the results…

Soul Surfer (January)

  • Author:  Bethany Hamilton
  • Publisher:  MTV Books, 2004
  • Number of Pages:  304
  • Genre:  Biography
  • Summary: Bethany Hamilton shares the story of her lifelong love of surfing, and tells how she was able to recover and return to competition with the help of her family, friends, and faith after losing her arm in a shark attack at the age of thirteen.
  • From the Publisher: They say Bethany Hamilton has saltwater in her veins. How else could one explain the passion that drives her to surf? How else could one explain that nothingnot even the loss of her armcould come between her and the waves? That Halloween morning in Kauai, Hawaii, Bethany responded to the shark’s stealth attack with the calm of a girl with God on her side. Pushing pain and panic aside, she began to paddle with one arm, focusing on a single thought: “Get to the beach….” And when the first thing Bethany wanted to know after surgery was “When can I surf again?” it became clear that her spirit and determination were part of a greater storya tale of courage and faith that this soft-spoken girl would come to share with the world. Soul Surfer is a moving account of Bethany’s life as a young surfer, her recovery after the attack, the adjustments she’s made to her unique surfing style, her unprecedented bid for a top showing in the World Surfing Championships, and, most fundamentally, her belief in God. It is a story of girl power and spiritual grit that shows the body is no more essential to surfing, perhaps even less so than the soul.

Revenge of the Whale (February)

  • Author:  Nathaniel Philbrick
  • Publication:  Puffin, 2002
  • Number of Pages:  164
  • Genre:  Nonfiction
  • Notes: Recounts the 1820 sinking of the whaleship “Essex” by an enraged sperm whale and how the crew of young men survived against impossible odds. Based on the author’s adult book “In the Heart of the Sea.”
  • From the Publisher:  On November 20, 1820, the whaleship Essex was rammed and sunk by an angry whale. Within minutes, the twenty-one-man crew, including the fourteen-year-old cabin boy Thomas Nickerson, found themselves stranded in three leaky boats in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with barely any supplies and little hope. Three months later, two of the boats were rescued 4,500 miles away, off the coast of South America. Of the twenty-one castaways, only eight survived, including young Thomas. Based on hisNew York Timesbest-seller In the Heart of the Sea, Nathaniel Philbrick recreates the amazing events of the ill-fatedEssexthrough the sailors own first-hand accounts, photos, maps, and artwork, and tells the tale of one of the great true-life adventure stories.

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