Hoot & Hobbit Movies

Call the Westhampton Free Library at 288-3335×5 to register for the “Middle School Book Club” (Program Code:  WHT142).  They’ll be showing Hoot on Friday, November 30th at 6:30pm.  Discuss the book, watch the movie adaptation, and have some pizza.  You must register to make sure there is enough food for everyone!

While you’re at the library, talk with the teen librarian, Ms. Amelia, to reserve your tickets to see The Hobbit in theaters on Friday, December 21st!

Please note:  These are completely optional events provided by the Westhampton Free Library.  They are not Remsenburg-Speonk UFSD events.  Families are responsible for all transportation, any additional costs, and adherence to Westhampton’s rules and policies.


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